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Exercises to Strengthen the Knees


When working to straighten out bow legs, or indeed during any process of rehabilitation after a leg injury, you will likely have to have some focus on the knees. Clearly, the knees are a vital part of our walking and standing apparatus, and if they are neglected, even by those who don’t normally suffer from …

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Soleus Muscle Pain

soleus muscle pain

The Soleus is one of the muscles in the calf. It is an extremely strong muscle, and also double up as the main muscle involved in pumping venous blood back to the heart. It runs from the ankle to just below the knee. As you might imagine for a muscle in that position, it is …

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Do Bow Legs Cause Shin Splints?

bow legs do not cause shin splints

The short answer to this is no. Shin splints are caused by running on hard surfaces like road or pavement without suitable support and cushioning from runner’s shoes. Shin splints can also be quite common amongst those practicing aerobic dancing or any sports that involve running and jumping. Since all people are different, there is …

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Look After Your Legs….. !

leg care

It is seldom appreciated by most people who experience no problems with their legs, just how vital they are to us – they have to carry us around after all! Outside of the fitness community, people don’t really pay attention to their legs, unless they happen to break or strain one of them. All of …

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Why Good Posture Is So Important

Good posture

The leading cause of sickness that leads to days off work in the UK is stress. The second biggest cause of sick days is back pain. Since back pain is the biggest cause of stress, that means the single biggest cause of lost time and productivity in the entire country is postural problems – broadly …

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