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Can Bow Legs Get Worse?

can bow legs get worseWhether your bow legs get worse depends chiefly on how old you are when the bow-leggedness develops, and the underlying cause of the bow-leggedness. As a general rule, the younger a person is, the more likely they are to find their bow legs to be corrected, since the body’s growth mechanism naturally straightens out the knee joint as they mature. Of course, this is dependent on the body receiving all the nutrients it needs for healthy growth from the person’s diet.

Key things to consider are the amount of Vitamin D a person is getting, which can be obtained from sunlight or from dietary supplements. Another key requirement is calcium, which, as everyone knows, is essential to healthy bone growth. The third thing to watch for is essential fatty acids, or EFAS. These are often absent from a diet that is high in processed foods, but can be obtained from free range and organic meats, from fish oils and from seed oils. These EFAs are essential (as the name suggests) for almost all bodily processes, and in this particular case, for the growth of the cartilage and the muscles that support the knee and help it to straighten out and not remain bowed.

So, if a person is not getting enough Vitamin D, or calcium, or EFAs, it is possible that their bow legs might get worse. Since having a bow at the knee actually puts increased strain on the joint, it is quite common for people with bow legs to develop arthritis in the knees at quite a young age. Although this is not bow-leggedness, but a separate condition, it is made substantially more likely by having bow legs.

Also, the hips, the ankles and the back and shoulders can also be affected by having bow legs. In short, anything that adversely affects the posture can put strain on the whole musculoskeletal system so that associated problems can begin to develop if the bow legs are not treated and corrected. So, in this case, the bow legs will not actually be getting worse, but the person may find that their overall health is affected in a very negative way by having bow legs.

The thing to focus on is that bow legs can get better. If they are not attended to, they will possibly get worse, and almost definitely lead to other more serious conditions like arthritis. So, correcting your diet is important, possibly the most important thing. And the next thing to do is to begin some exercises that will help to correct the bow legs.

These exercises are more likely to work if you make sure your diet supports the new growth and joint correction. That means a supplement of Vitamin D and possibly calcium, although calcium can be obtained from leafy green vegetables, so if you eat plenty of those there may be no need for a supplement. Also, do not forget the EFAs, or essential fatty acids. You can find supplements for these to start off with, and then the best thing to do is find a diet that works for you that is rich in EFAs. You may even find that a significant change in diet is sufficient to stop bow legs from getting worse, and in fact to begin the process of correcting them.

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