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Bow Legs Surgery – Is it Necessary?

In a word – Depends.

In certain extreme circumstances, surgery may be the best way to go. For the overwhelming majority, though, the truth is that following a good diet and a simple exercise regime is sufficient to correct bow legs to the point where it is as if they were never bowed.

Surgery, while sometimes effective in treating bow legs, has a number of serious downsides.

Time off work

Where this might seem like a nice option for some people, do remember that while recovering from knee surgery you will be unable to do quite a few other things too. The recovery phase usually means 2-3 months in bed without being able to move very much.


Knee surgery post opAlthough surgical techniques are getting better and better, the truth remains that corrective knee surgery leaves a nasty mark and swelling for some time after the operation. Not only that, you will likely be prescribed a routine of physiotherapy and exercises to do at home. Ironically, most cases of bow legs can be fixed with a routine of gentle physical therapy in the comfort of your own home, so why have the surgery when you can start fixing the problem yourself.


Again, the skills of surgeons are not in question here, but there as any of them will happily tell you, there is always the risk, however slight, that cutting into the knee in order to try to make it better might, in fact, end up making it much worse.

This could occur as the result of some unforeseen consequence or infection, or just because of idiosyncrasies in your particular case. Of course, in such a situation, you would likely receive compensation, but wouldn’t you just rather have healthy knees rather than ruined ones and a few extra quid for your trouble? Like the whole body, your knees are priceless and can never be perfectly replaced!

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I know there are some things in life that hurt, and we can’t avoid that, surely it is worth trying the pain-free options before opting for the definitely painful option?

Now, these things are not meant to dissuade you from surgery entirely – everyone knows that modern surgeons can and do work miracles every day, but it is worth trying all your options before opting for surgery.

The powers of the human body to recover and to fix itself are truly remarkable, and it all begins with your will and determination to fix whatever is ailing you. In a way, surgery may look like a quick fix, and it is tempting just to try and get someone else to sort the problem out. If you just need to go in there, have it done, spend a few weeks in front of daytime telly while you wait for the swelling to go down, and hope that the operation went well, it might seem like an easy option.

However, by just following a short exercise regime and with a couple of little tweaks to your diet, the fact is that you can almost certainly fix the issue yourself without having to involve another soul. Ultimately, it’s your choice. You decide whether or not it is necessary for you. 🙂

What’s the Alternative to Surgery?

The first thing you can do, and do immediately is start to look after your health by eating right, moving every day and getting enough sleep. This may not seem very important when it comes to fixing your bow legs, but the body works holistically, so getting your overall health sorted is the very first step,

Next, you can focus on exercising and strengthening your calves, thighs and hips so that your supporting muscles are strong and flexible. Check out my suggested exercises here.

Finally, what I highly recommend is that you get yourself a copy of Sarah Browns ‘Bow Legs No More’. This is a program of exercises developed specifically to help people with bow legs and includes some very specific instructions about what you must absolutely NOT do if you have bow legs. Check out my review here.


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